• How to Enroll Your Child to Iskndhar?

  • At Iskandhar School we believe it is essential to provide each child with the opportunity, environment, and encouragement to enjoy the achievable learning experience and help him/her acquire a wide range of skills and knowledge. We aim to foster a love for our religion Islam and lifelong learning, instill a sense of responsibility, respect, tolerance, self-discipline, and independence, inculcate good values and help our students to become useful and respectful citizens in the society.

    It is also our aim to develop a good partnership with parents and to seek their participation in expanding the child’s experience of learning.

    No Child is left at Iskandhar School. We are working towards preparing the child for living in the 21sr Century.

    To create a caring, professional community who share and co-operate;

    • TO LEARN
    • TO TEACH

    in students the love for learning and to impart to them the knowledge, skills and values to produce able citizens needed for a developing Muslim society.

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  • School Activities

    Our school offers variety of uniformed activities for the development of our students
    • The Cadet
      The Cadet Core
      • Ahmed
      • 9999999
    • Band
      School Band
      • Abbas
      • 9999999
    • Scout
      The Scout
      • Hawwa
      • 9999999
    • Girl Guide
      Girl Guide
      • Sanfa
      • 9999999

    • Play Ground

      We have a very good playground filled with artificial carpets

    • Rich Library

      We have a rich library full of books

    • Friendly Place

      Our environment is very conducive for learning

    • Laboratories

      Well equipped laboratory for science education